International Car Shipping

Most often international shipping is performed by ocean freighters that can carry shipments in bulk quantities. If you ship overseas through businesses like UPS or FedEx they will take care of literally all of the arrangements but at a considerable cost. If you have the time to make the effort, shipping individually is very possible and there are a clear set of guidelines you must meet. Consider though, that this is only really possible if you are shipping enough items for a full container load.

First, freight shipping requires information incredibly similar to booking information for personal transport. After arranging business with the international shipping company of your choice, you should receive an email within twenty four hours containing certain information that must accompany your ocean freight shipment. The initial numbers will be a document number and the carrier’s booking number. These are important for registration purposes and will be checked on departure and arrival. Next, you will need the carrier’s international terminal and information about where the international shipment is coming from, followed by the international shipping company’s contact information in case there is an oversight or an accident befalls the cargo. Then, and this will be determined by the carrier, the shipment must include various details about the sail of the ship like the estimated time of departure, including the shipping day, and the same time based information regarding the international arrival. Lastly, other details must be included regarding the type of vessel the shipment will be transported on, the rout of the voyage, and the checkpoints the freighter will meet along its journey.

Before any of this information will be delivered to you, the company will link you to a place where you can fill out certain necessary information regarding your international shipment. First, you will need the dock receipt, consider that the ticket for your goods. If the items you ship are not going to be sold commercially anywhere, and they are of a personal nature, you will need to submit a valued packaging list, which will entail the approximate value of the items and their respective packaging. If you are shipping commercial wares with an intent to sell, you must also submit inventory information in the form of a commercial invoice. These will act as a record of what you ship and will become very valuable in cases where wares are taken or lost, and insurance interests must be involved to return you the value of your shipment. This is certainly a harder route than having a multiple service level company handle your shipment, but to save cost this is an effective way to perform international shipping.