Where to go when looking for auto transport reviews

If you are looking for automobile or motorcycle transport reviews prior to making a decision upon a moving company you have some excellent consumer review sites out there to help you make your decision. The Better Business Bureau is, of course, the gold standard for looking up complaints, but they don’t have use the same web standards as most shoppers are accustomed to. We decided to review some of the better websites for consumer-driven opinions on automobile transportation companies.

Transport Reviews (http://www.transportreviews.com ) is a good tool for allowing you to search on companies by highest reviews, or popular transport routes, etc. You can read what customers have to say about a particular company and the site even allows you to see the most recent reviews that have been posted by consumers. Once you find a company that checks out with other consumers you can then get a price quote from that company through the website. In general this is a pretty good site to get you started, although the layout itself is rather “old” by web standards.

Transport Kings (http://www.transportkings.com ) is yet another consumer “epinion” site that looks very similar to transport reviews with the star ranking system and the ability for a customer to insert a review for a company. However, the site itself seems less interactive than the first and it doesn’t appear to have the ability to pull up quotes. If it does have this same function as Transport Reviews then it isn’t very user-friendly. It is also a bit sparse on content.

Car Auto Transport Review (http://www.car-auto-transport-review.com ) is the last of the epinion websites that we’ve covered. It is “prettier” website and even has a Facebook “fan” page for those who are into social media avenues. It provides its review in a blog format, providing useful articles about how to find a transport company, how to prepare for a move, etc. It doesn’t use the star system of the previous sites, but it does allow for individuals to post their comments about a particular company on the Facebook wall. In some ways this is more social and interactive in that it allows for a common ground of individuals to share experiences and get in touch with those who have made a particular review to gain a broader understanding of their user experience and gain pointers along the way.