Motorcycle Transport

Do you have a motorcycle that you need to move across country? If so, you may want to look into having your motorcycle shipped by a company that is not just a car transporter but one that specializes in motorcycles and can transport your vehicle in an enclosed shipping container.

There are many car transporters and motorcycle transport companies that only provide an open truck or trailer for your car or motorcycle transport. This is not good for your motorcycle. Enclosed or contained motorcycles are protected motorcycles. Open highway exposure to the elements and road conditions that large transport vehicles will undergo in cross country journeys run the risk of providing conditions where items may scratch or ding your motorcycle and harm its veneer or finish. Moreover, rough hauling conditions that expose the motorcycle to heavy winds while being chained to a metal rack can be damaging to the frame, tires, shocks and other parts of the motorcycle. Any carrier that cares about your bike is going to care about your investment.

Motorcycle transporters will also understand that BMW’s are different than Harley’s and are different from Hondas, etc. They will understand that the container and the securing of the motorcycle needs to be different on the more delicate frame of a BMW than it would for a Harley. They will take those extra steps to provide the correct amount of restraints and cushions to keep the motorcycle securely in place and free from damage.

Closed containers are also the most secure as far as security and prevention of theft. All coast-to-coast journeys require that trucks must stop at some point. Closed containers ensure that your bike remains in the care of the transporter and not some thief with a pair of bolt cutters.

Car transport and motorcycle transporters are a dime a dozen, but the good ones are rare gems. Look for a company that specializes in motorcycles, that promises total enclosure, and provides insurance to cover the cost of any damage that may incur during transport. Make sure that their quotes contain fees, taxes, and insurance. Many companies will provide low quotes at first to get you to sign up, but they are absent hidden fees that you don’t find out about until its time to hand over your card. When getting your quotes ensure that you have covered the bases and asked about fees, extras, taxes, insurance and if the price covers the cost of an enclosed transport.