Houston Auto Transport

Here are a few tips and guidelines for Houston Auto Transport, under the assumption that you are trying to send one vehicle and are not a commercial interest. First consider typical cost in relation to the type of car you own. Typically, a four door sedan costs $600-$1000 to ship from Florida to California. These auto transport prices, even from Houston, rise if you have a larger vehicle. That same trip for a SUV or van owner might cost anywhere from $900 to $1,200, so be sure to understand that a larger vehicles means more money. Also consider the distance, as a trip from Houston to Michigan would likely be around $500-$750.

When it comes to Houston auto transport, understand that cars are either shipped in closed containers or open carriers, but that the standard size for both is 7’X7’X19’, and that your vehicle should not exceed those standard sized limits. There are possibilities that your car could incur damages on this auto transport trip from Houston. Be sure to carefully inspect and clean your vehicle so that there are no loose or already damaged items that could exacerbate problems with the vehicle. To increase the effectiveness of this strategy, ensure that you have taken many time stamped pictures of your vehicle and are aware of its exact condition prior to auto transport. Also, carefully plan for when you want the vehicle to arrive, as this process can occasionally take a very long time. For instance, a typical auto transport from Houston to Milwaukee could easily take two weeks to two weeks and a half. Don’t let yourself get caught in a rush, as Houston auto transport is like most auto transport in that expediting auto transport from Houston really only shaves off about half the time and can cost anywhere from $150-$300, assuming you have a standard sized vehicle.

There are a few more pieces of information to consider. First, during peak summer months, the price of Houston auto transport can increase easily by one or two hundred dollars. Try to avoid the months of the year when heat has a huge effect of gas consumption and other things. If your car is exotic or higher end in model, full gate closed containers will be used to ensure that no damage befalls the vehicle, and can actually cost from $500-$2500 extra. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a vehicle for Houston auto transport and it is not it working order, the extra handling fee will likely cost you another two hundred dollars.